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Logistic Services The transportation industry, especially combined and multi-aspect transportation, has special importance in the world and this has led to different transit corridors including RACNOST in the recent years and has shortened the Asian and European states. The special situation of Iran in international transit has made it as a shortcut between east and west and north and south and Iran could become as a suitable market for transportation industry.

The Islamic Republic of Iran with 2700 km sea frontier in Persian Gulf, Oman Sea and Caspian Sea, is the most important gate for access of Caucasian and CIS countries, Afghanistan and Iraq to the open sea. The south ports of Iran are connected to the north ports with about 800 km length and this is in addition to the existing transit roads. A considerable set of projects have been planned to be implemented aiming providing the needed facilities to development of goods transit.

 In line with implementation of the above-mentioned projects, Amirabad port was established and put into operation and Anzali and Noshahr ports in north and also Bandar Abbas, Imam Khomeini and Khorramshahr ports in south have been reconstructed and equipped with different port equipment and this trend in ongoing. As a result, huge container and bulk vessels with about 17 m draught will be able to berth in Banar Abbas and Bandar Imam Khomeini. All of these actions resulted in recognition of Iran and shortest and most economic way for provision of appropriate service to the ships and goods owners.

 Tidewater Middle East, as the most active and largest port operator in south and north ports, is equipped with most modern software and hardware equipment and is capable to provide services to its customers in port, rail, and road transportation and forewing transit for its internal and foreign customers.

For this reason, has created a new division namely Port and Logistic Affairs Management, and provide door-to-door services to the customer in collaboration with the largest worldwide shipping lines which have regular voyage to Bandar Abbas through a FIATA bill of lading. The management is also capable to provide coverage for containers from their unloading in Bandar Abbas or other ports to the final destination and carry the consignment by road and rail transportation means after having released them in any of customs departments.

 Tidewater Middle East offers its transit services to neighboring countries including Caucasian and CIS states and Afghanistan and Iraq and also local customs such as Sirjan, Isfahan, Tehran, Shiraz, etc. with the best tariffs and in shortest possible. Also, we are honored to provide the following services:

Acceptance of goods transportation, shipment and transit from the origin in all countries and its carrying up to the final destination, door-to-door transportation;
Goods transportation, warehousing in ports for export or import purposes and customs release of goods;
Real time information exchange with the customers on last situation of their goods;
Acting as agent to the shipping lines and transit companies for their containers and forwarding servic es in all local and foreign routes; Performing customs formalities and release services (export, import and transit) in internal ports and customs and borders with neighboring countries. The Division of Port and Logistics Affairs of Tidewater Middle East, as a sincere colleague of all customers, with so honor wishes to inform its slogan as follows: Please assign your works to us, we will do all the way as your representative from the dispatch point's door to the destination's door (door-to-door) and you just stay at your work place or anywhere you are and track your goods and supervise over our service via our electronic equipment.


  Powerd  by Rahyab Rayaneh Gostar Copyright  2010 Tidewaterco