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Port Services:
The modern systems for provision of port services requires the utilization of powerful software, extensive storages and decks and suitable equipment such as gantry cranes, trans tinners, top lift trucks, reach stockers, coastal cranes, tractor terminals, cereal pumps, and packing machinery which all of the above equipment in a harmony with the specialized manpower, machinery, several tools and software altogether supplies a mechanized goods handling system and facilitates the loading and unloading of vessels within a reasonable time. Tidewater Middle East offers port services in four main parts: container, general and miscellaneous cargo, bulk goods, and fluids and tanks.

Container Operations
Tidewater Middle East is the largest and most active container operator in Iran and, with more than two decades of activity, performs more than 90% of container operations in the ports. The Company is the main container operator in Bandar Shahid Rajaee and is known as the main container goods transportation gate of the country. The company has container activities in Asaluyeh and Amirabad ports as well.

General and Miscellaneous Cargo Operations

 This category forms the second and major activities of Tidewater Middle East in the Iranian sea ports. In the year 2008, the Company has unloaded, loaded and warehoused 2.1 million MT general cargo mainly in Bandar Imam Khomeini, Bandar Abba, and Bandar Amirabad.

Bulk Cargo Operations Bulk cargo

 forms a major part of Tidewater Middle East Company's activities in Bandar Imam Khomeini – the main bulk cargo port of the country. The company has begun a huge investment in that port since 2004. The loading, unloading and packing operations of the company do not limited to that port only but rather the company carries out about half of such operations done in Bandar Abbas and whole of bulk cargo services in Bandar Amirabad and a part of bulk cargo services in Asaluyeh.

Logistics Services

When we consider the Third Generation Ports, the situation of Tidewater Middle East, as the main service provider in all ports of the country, becomes paramount and the company provides a wide range of logistics services to the shipping and transportation companies and also goods owners including rail and road transportation, customs release services, etc.

Establishment of Dry Ports and Inland Container Depots (I.C.D.) in the Mainland

On the basis of the studies carried out in the first half of the year 2007, the establishment of inland container depots has been among the strategic and core strategies of Tidewater Middle East. Considering that and by taking into account that Tehran is the region with the most container traffic in the country, the first ICD equipped with container equipment was established in the first half of 2007 at Aprin railways loading station. The station is located in south of Tehran between Persian Gulf (Tehran – Ghom) Freeway and Tehran – Saveh Freeway and has more than 700 hectares area which belongs to I. R. Iran Railways. This point is going to become one of the most important terminals of the country as a result of investments done by the governmental and private sector. Tidewater Middle East has commenced its activities with 20 billion Rials investment and installation some facilities and equipment including reach stock, side lift, different lift trucks, cranes, balances, container washing facilities, etc. The area, which is used by Tidewater Middle East in the first phase, is 7 hectares and could be increased up to 40 hectares. Based on the experiences the company acquired in this project, we decided to establish minimum two new ICD's in other northern and western ports; we hope to be able to commence the operations of these two ICD's after development and equipping of Aprin ICD. On the other hand, Iran and Turkey have entered into a protocol on development of cargo transit by rail and road transportation and establishment of common logistic parks in dry ports of the both countries. The implementation of the protocol will play an important role in connection of north and south ports and also facilitating the goods and container transportation operations and will result in growth on Iran – Turkey transit.


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